Methodology for Investing Across Borders

The Investing Across Borders (IAB) indicators assess laws, regulations, and practices that affect foreign direct investment (FDI). The project’s methodology is based on that of the World Bank Group’s Doing Business project. The indicators highlight differences among countries in their regulatory treatment of FDI to identify good practices, facilitate learning opportunities, stimulate reforms, and provide annual cross-country data for research and analysis.

The indicators are based on a survey of lawyers, professional service providers (mainly accounting and consulting firms), investment promotion institutions, chambers of commerce, law professors, and other expert respondents in the countries covered. For the IAB 2010 report, more than 2,350 respondents were surveyed in 87 economies (27 per country, on average) between April and December 2009. For the updated 2012 data, about 3,500 respondents were surveyed in 104 economies between November 2011 and April 2012. The list of all respondents is available in the contributors section.

The methodology note (PDF, 266KB) covers the following topics included in the 2010 report (the links below will take you directly to the particular section of methodology):

For the 2012 data update, the topic notes provide details on the methodology for each topic: