New Foreign Direct Investment Regulations Data

In 2011 and 2012, the project expanded the scope of its coverage to include new countries and new indicators. The new indicators now cover five topics and 104 economies. The five topics covered are:

» Investing Across Sectors: This topic measures statutory restrictions on foreign ownership of equity in new investment projects. Download data (70KB)

» Starting a Foreign Investment: This topic quantifies the procedural burden that foreign companies face when establishing a foreign-owned subsidiary, several aspects of land administration regimes important to foreign companies seeking to acquire industrial land, as well as the existence and characteristics of special economic zones. Download data (382KB)

» Arbitrating and Mediating Disputes: This topic analyzes aspects of domestic and international arbitration regimes in each country: the strength of the legal framework for alternative dispute resolution, rules for the arbitration process, and the extent to which the judiciary supports and facilitates arbitration. Download Data (870KB)

» Converting and Transferring Currency: This topic measures foreign exchange restrictions most relevant for foreign direct investment across economies to identify common policies and benchmark the restrictiveness of economies’ foreign exchange regimes. Download data (260KB)

» Employing Skilled Expatriates: This topic measures the rules for and the process of obtaining sponsored temporary work permits for foreign executives and specialist staff. Download data (105KB)

Country Data

For country-specific data, please select the country from the drop-down menu below. All files are downloaded in Excel format.

Methodology for FDI Regulations Data 2012