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Disclaimer: Note that the following information is not part of the score that the country receives on the Investing Across Sectors indicators. This information is provided as complementary to the data on the foreign ownership restrictions, and is based on the survey respondents’ comments and assessments. The World Bank Group does not guarantee accuracy of this information.

Sector Group Media
Sector Newspaper: A foreign company seeking to own a daily or weekly newspaper. Note: Excluded from the definition is publication of issue-specific magazines, monthlies, etc.
Market structure:  
Survey respondents' answer to the following question, "Define the market structure in your economy for this sector." Competitive market, i.e. Many firms
Regulatory license:  
Survey respondents' answer to the following question, "If a foreign company wanted to obtain a sector-specific regulatory license (or a concession contract) to open and operate a new business in that sector, how likely would the government be to issue such a license, provided that the foreign company meets all legal and regulatory requirements?" Likely
Name of regulatory authority Independent Media Commission
Additional comments:
There are foreign firms currently operating in this sector
There are 8 dailies in Kosovo (with a modest circulation estimated at 35,000 copies), 7 weeklies and a number of other periodicals. The media situation is characterized by a mushrooming number of the Albanian-language media and difficulties experienced by Serbian-language media, as well as those of other minorities, despite attempts to establish a media system representing all ethnic groups in Kosovo. The division between Albanian and non-Albanian language media is still prevailing, especially with regard to the scarce Serbian-language print media. There is only one bilingual Albanian-Serbian language newspaper, the weekly "M Magazine". M Magazine is a civil society oriented monthly, aimed at the whole population of Mitrovica and the surroundings. The magazine was launched in Mitrovica in June 2005. Until then the only Serbian printed media were publications from Yugoslavia, distributed for free in the Serbian enclaves such as Gracanica. The overall circulation of these newspapers is believed to range up to 10,000 copies. The bi-weekly "Grazdanski Glasnik" is also published in Serbian but has a mixed office, the publisher being Albanian and the editor Serbian. The Bosniak and the Turkish community also publish a weekly.